Rating beer

Perhaps you are wondering how I go about rating the beers I drink. It’s pretty simple, so I’ll break it down.

I prefer a large, clear mug to allow me to see and smell the beer properly. Different types of beer require different shaped vessels for proper aroma, but I just use a wide mouth mug as a catch-all. I’m not that anal about the glassware, as long as I can see through it.

Picture 4

The reviewin’ mug.

I only rate the first beer of any session, because I want a fresh palate to do a proper rating. I usually pour the beer gentle at first, but if it looks like I’m not getting much head I’ll pour the rest more aggressively to achieve some head. Head releases more aroma, and that’s important.

I don’t write the review until a day or more after the beer, I do however, make detailed notes for each category as I’m drinking. I make my aggregate score around 3/4 of the way through the beer.

I use a 5 point system, one point for each category and it goes as such:

The presentation.

The bottle artwork and any boxes, tags or bags etc. I believe this constitutes a point because I appreciate good branding, and it helps move units.

1/1 – Unique and eye grabbing package

0.5/1 – Serviceable, but could be better.

0/1 – I could do better with graph paper and a sharpie.


Full points for label.

The Pour.

How it looks. Color, clarity, head, lacing and does it appeal to the eye.

1/1 – A beautiful beer. Beer varies, and so does perfection here.

Anything lower usually means there is one or more undesirable traits at work. Could be too murky, could be a fucky color etc.


Every beer is beautiful! No not really.

The Smell.

Pretty straightforward. How’s she smell?

1/1 – I would use this as air freshener in my car.

0.5/1 – I’m not salivating, pretty average.

0/1 – Skunky, stinky, astringent. Not good because it will fuck up the flavor.


If ya smeeeeeeeeeeelllll…

The Taste.

Again, pretty straightforward. How’s it taste?

1/1 – The reason I love beer. Delicious.

0.5/1 – I’ll drink it. But it might not be heavenly.

0/1 – It’s ruined. This beer is either bland or gross.


… zero.

The Mouthfeel.

How does the beer act in your mouth? This wildly varies based on the style of beer, obviously.

1/1 – Perfect for the style, or just fitting if it’s unusual.

Anything lower usually means there is something off, like a flat lager or a turbulent porter. They don’t match and it doesn’t work.

All leading up to the #/5. I don’t explicitly state what each category gets in my reviews, it’s basically a’ silent count’ in my head.

That’s how I rate beer. If you don’t like it, well I got two words for ya..


Guys like to express things by dropping trow.