‘Requeened’ Honey Ale by Foamers Folly Brewing Co 

The foam-ening, chapter deuce. 

Waiting for Pt 3: The return of the penis.

Generally speaking, sequels are awful, and they always feel the need to recap the events of the previous film, just in case you didn’t see it, or have a lousy memory or something. 

“In part one, our intrepid hero was a champion for America by way of running really fast-like in footraces that people care about for some reason! Now, in part 2, he isn’t famous anymore, but rebecomes famous by ditching that pesky penis, bolting on some tits, and becoming a reality TV star, featuring his also-not-famous, stupidly untalented daughters! Highjinks ensue! You’ll laugh until the LGBTQRSVPBBCETC cries about it!”

“I give it no dicks up!” – Roger Eberts ghost 

“Why are they famous? Porn?” – The New York times 

“Yeah, I’ll get a Whopper meal with a Sprite. No ice.” – Guy who couldn’t give two shits. 

My reaction to all Kardashian news.

And what does this have to do with beer? Absolutely nothing. It’s completely irrelevant, just like the stupid Kardashians and their penis-less pops. 

*Before anybody gets all sore: I have nothing against transvestites or gays or anyone, really. I do have a problem with waste-of-air celebrities, and the idiots that revere them. So there. 

The pour is a clear dark brass color with a finger of slightly tan, chunky bubbles that left some thin lacing. 

The smells are delicate and crisp. Honey, toffee, and wheat grains round this one out. It’s not an overtly sweet aroma. 

The tastes follow the nose closely, but with a slight earthy hop bitterness. Honey, toffee, fresh wheat grain and earthy hops make up this simple, yet crushable brew. The honey is reserved, and strangely, I felt it could actually use MORE. 

The mouthfeel is crisp and crushable with a solid medium-body and decent lager-esque carbonation. Flavors skirt the edges of the palate, leaving the earthy bitterness behind. 

4/5 A great, crushable, summer affair. It could have been a little more honey in my opinion, but still a really nice Ale overall. 

Bolt-on tits.

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