‘Kokoro’ Pear Sour by Fuggles & Warlock Craftworks 

Kokoro (Japanese: 心) means “heart; mind; mentality; emotions; feelings” – having one word for all of these probably gets tricky when you are a surgeon. 

In Japan, they don’t say ‘heart’, they say ‘Kokoro’, which translates to ‘heart’, and I think that’s how language works. 

Ya don’t say.

Goddamn man, they’re still doing these? I thought we moved past the sours in to the land of fad Milkshake IPAs and other beer types I should pretend to give a slice of poo about but don’t. 

Both of these men are pros at giving zero shits.

“Your pants appear to have fallen off”

“No matter, I have a dedicated team for this”

*collectively laughs in millionaire*

I am actually pretty stoked for this because:

A) Fuggles make a damn fine sour, as seen in the many reviews I’ve already done on them

2) A pear sour is something I haven’t yet seen nor tried. 

🔼) It sounds delicious

I love pears, even though I barely eat them unless they are in pre-made cup form. I think it’s for the same reason why I don’t really eat oranges either. Any fruit I have to peel or fuck around with in some way is just not for me, I’m a busy man and can’t be bothered to wrangle with nature’s sticky-ass wrapping paper. I just want science to modify all fruit to act like the banana; the perfect way to encapsulate fruit! If all fruits opened like a zipper, saving my hands from sticky hell, I’d have a lot more varied diet, so what I’m saying is science should be GMO-ing the fuck out of this stuff already instead of wasting their time on cancer. Pfft, cancer. Throw some GMO at it, GMOs fix everything. 

Says the beer blogger.

The pour is a murky orange-amber color (pear color) with a bit of a fizz on top that settled as a thin collar almost immediately. 

The smells are mild and juicy. It’s like pears mated with wild melons, and a slight foot funk thrown in. It’s simple and smells delicious I must admit. 

The tastes are pretty much the same. Pears, juicy melons, crushed wheat and a sharp, but evenly expressed, foot funk, with a dry finish. This is really damn good! Pears work wonderful as a sour. 

The mouthfeel is light bodied and somewhat wispy with solid carbonation. Flavors come and go very quickly, leaving a slight funk and pear dryness behind. 

4/5 It feels like it should have more staying power, and is a bit too light on the body, that said, it’s still a great sour. If you are privy to the style, and/or love pears, then find this beer. I really enjoyed it despite its minor flaws. 

With a pinch of GMO.

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