‘White’ Wheat Beer by Dageraad Brewing Inc 

Ah yes, white. Just like me. French Canadian brand white to be specific, with a sprinkling of Native American. Whether or not I mention that usually depends on who I’m conversing with and whether it serves to help strengthen an argument or enhance a trolling. I’ll pull the native card to win an argument, tasteless I know. I guess it’s just the chug in me! 

Thomas the Dank Engine.

I’m allowed to use that word, just like black people can call each other the n word, and Hispanics can call each other the n word, and fat white kids from the south can call each other the n wo-… What the fuck is wrong with America anyhow? Note this rule apparently does not apply to famous white people. See: Kramer, Paula Dean, Mel Gibson, and others. Although gap-face Madonna used it on Instagram and she’s still famously old and repulsive, so I guess there are some exceptions. 

It should be noted that the only truely white people are albinos. Weird ass albinos. Caucasians are pink.. Or something. I think Caucasian is actually a color in itself. I’m not going to bother looking it up because I’m lazy. 

It’s small-dick o-clock… White people amirite?? – Guy who suddenly claims to be Native

The pour is an opaque greenish-straw color with a finger of pure white, electric fizz that quickly settled leaving some small flecks of lacing behind. 

The smells are spicy and *Belgian*. Banana, clove, nondescript spices said a pinch of fuzzy citrus. Delightful! 

The tastes are bolder than the nose with the citrus hanging out right up front, followed by banana, whole wheat bread, and an interesting low-key blend of spices. Very pleasant overall. 

The mouthfeel is creamy and lively, with some powerful carbonation going on. Flavors wash the palate evenly from back to front, leaving a warm spiced presence behind. 

4.5/5 This is Dageraads best beer, in my opinion. It’s a little TOO fizzy, but that’s about the only bad thing I can say about it. Get this one! 

A white, black guy! Sweet dreams!

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