’80 Shilling’ Scottish Style Ale by Beau’s All Natural Brewing Co 

Beau knows beer. Bose knows bass. Bo knows baseball. Bow knows ballistics. 

Barack and Biden know Baskin-Robbins.

The only Scottish (style) beer I’m particularly familiar with is Innis and Gunn, which is honestly a pretty bad jump-off point because I have nothing nice to say about their overdone, overhyped, underwhelming brews. The scots must be good for something other than kilts, bagpipes and log tossing, right? 


Remember that AC/DC song with the bagpipes in it that goes on and on for like the last 87 fucking minutes of the song? Fuck that section and whoever thought it was a good idea. I applaud the effort to make something that isn’t a simple 4/4 workhorse rock bar, but my ears are filling up with blood and I’m not too keen on it. 

Anyway, Beer. 

The pour is a crystal clear dark copper with a finger of fleeting fizzy head that left some thin curtain lacing on the glass. 

The smells are mild and malty. Caramel, crushed wheat and some earthy hop notes. Simple and inviting. 

The tastes are undeniably Scottish and fully malt end. Burnt caramel, fiber based cereal, sour dough, bark mulch,  and a note that reminds me of hard liquor, like whiskey or something. 

The mouthfeel is thin and wispy with solid lager-like carbonation. Flavors hang out mid-palate and leave the ‘whiskey’ dryness on the aftertaste. 

3.5/5 Scottish Ales generally blow sand up my kilt, but this one is well done, even if it isn’t my bag(pipes). I’d like it more if it wasn’t something that reminded me of hardbar. Guess I’ll go chuck a tree now. 

THIS GUY IS SCOTTISH? Fuck Purple man! Jessica Jones wasn’t even very good.

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