‘The Suburbs’ IPA by Dageraad Brewing Inc & Steel & Oak Brewing Co 

The description on this bottle is incredible. Take a moment to read it, it made my day. 

I love a good joke. These guys love a good joke too clearly. We can be friends. I insist. 

Entering the furniture zone. Ikea myself for you.

I live in the suburbs, or as the kids call it ‘the burbs’, which evolved in to ‘thurbs’, which devolved in to ‘fleek’ probably. Kids suck. At any rate, I’m in the correct geological format for consumption. City folk aren’t allowed to drink this, just like how women aren’t allowed to eat men’s pokey. I don’t make the rules, I just point em out. 

It poisons the ovaries. Fair warning.

It’s worth noting that neither of these breweries is known for making IPAs. I like that fact, because IPAs are slightly (insanely) overdone over here on the Bestcoast. Do your own thing! Unless that thing sucks ass, then do something else. 

The Chilly Papers haven’t been any good since the early 00s.

The pour is a slightly hazy sunshine yellow with a finger of vibrant white fine fizz that left some decent chunks of lacing on the glass. 

The smells are big and fruity! Bold citrus and tropical fruit medley give this an extremely juicy aroma overall that is seriously mouthwatering. Grapefruit, honeydew, melons, lemon, and sweet tarts, just to name a few. 

The tastes are juicy and juicy. Man alive, there are… Men alive in here! Follows the nose closely, with a bit of a bitter crunch to it. Everything I described on the nose, plus the bitterness of the fruit peels. Mmmmmm. Damn this is nice! 

The mouthfeel is mid-heavy on the body with a good amount of bubbly carbonation. Flavors wash the palate wholly, leaving dry citrus peels on the aftertaste. 

4.5/5 Ohhhhh that’s a wonderful IPA. For breweries that don’t dabble in the style, they sure make it look easy don’t they? Like Fat Tug? You’ll like this. Only enjoy in the suburbs though, you’ve been warned! 

Suburban lyfe for lief.

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