‘Living Skies’ Rye Pilsner by Doan’s Craft Brewing Co and Bomber Brewing 

Wonderful. Another weird, nightmare label from the fine freaks at Doan’s. Why? Y? Sometimes Y? The art is just bonkers. The look on my face is terror, I assure you.

Penile terrorism.

Chances are, if it has Rye in the name, I’m probably going to get a lil excited. Not like, jizz my pants excited, but maybe just a touch of pre-cum, y’know? TMI? Something about the Rye ‘crunch’ really gets my goat. Why is getting my goat a good thing anyway? I can think of way better things than my goat, especially considering I don’t even own a goat, let alone several goats that would necessitate an entire rack!

Shaa right!

For some reason the word ‘Pilsner’ reminds me of my estranged grease-monkey uncle that I don’t see anymore. Black fingernails and a disposition even more curmudgeonly than my own. No idea why that is. I don’t even know if he drank Pilsner. I know he drank.. Partly because he was apparently more of an asshole when drunk (never to me). So there you go. Some oddball family tidbits for ya.

That’s what my aunt said.

The pour is a slightly opaque straw yellow with a finger of bright white sparkling fizzy head. Has pretty decent curtain lacing going on.

The smells are spicy Rye, lemon rinds, soap, and a warm Melony hit. It’s bright and inviting. Simple is better sometimes.

The tastes are spicy and bold. Rye, spicy Pilsner herbals, and a slight melon sweetness. A wonderfuly spicy Pilsner, through and through. Tasty!

The mouthfeel is light and bubbly. This is crushable, in fact, I’m taking pretty huge slams of it. The flavors hang out in the back of the palate and have a sharp drop off. Not much on the aftertaste, just leaves a clean palate. Strange.

4/5 I love these Rye brews. This is one of the better Pilsners I’ve had lately, and considering Bombers Pilsner is among the best in BC, I did expect a great pil. It delivers! Get it ASAP, as it’s a collaborative beer and won’t be around long!

This is me, all the time. #drummerproblems

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