Rye IPA by Doan’s Craft Brewing Co 

Taking a swing at the Doan’s pile for the first time here, with a Rye IPA. I only knew it was a Rye IPA when I looked at the back of the very weird label. What’s with these breweries that seem to hide the beer type in the fine print? I want to know what I’m drinking goddammit! Is it a wet-hopped, sour, Rye, floofleberry, Schwartzbeir or a dry-hopped, imperial, red, wheat radler aged in the skulls of your enemies behind the local Baskin Robbins? 

Ol’ Toothless Zeke dealing with the mash tun.

The label reminds me of fucked up old school kids literature and old timey nursery rhymes. Like “Where the wild things are” with a thousand mile stare. What’s with the dark circles? That just makes it creepier somehow.



I don’t like this ride anymore, I want off.

That just triggered me like that fucking evil wolf thing from The Never Ending Story. Remember that shit? Absolutely traumatizing. That was a kids movie! It also featured a scene where a horse drowns in a bog of sorrow. A horse drowns in a bog of sorrow. This is a kids movie! Thank you Dark Souls.

This gif just reawakened my repressed childhood terror.

The pour is a cloudy sunny yellow with a RE-FUCKING-DICULOUS amount of pure white, soapy foam. What the shit. I was being gentle! 20% beer, 80% wtf guys.

The smells are mild overall. Nice spicy Rye, earthy dankness, and some delicate herbals. The Rye is very apparent, and welcome.

The tastes are right in line with the nose. This is a really easy-going IPA, not very bitter at all. Big Rye, light earthy and floral hops. Simple and excellent!

The mouthfeel is medium bodied and really smooth. This beer is HIGHLY carbonated, if the picture didn’t tip you off. Flavors concentrate centrally and leave a nice, low-bitter earthy aftertaste.

4/5 This is a great IPA. As far as Rye IPA goes, this is easily the best to showcase the Rye itself, and I really dig it. Probably a great beer for people that are new to IPA. I’ll get it again for sure.


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