Cherry Wit by Bad Tattoo Brewing Co 

🎵She’s my cherry pie. Put a smile on your face, ten miles wide🎵 Warrent (so awful)

Jealous of the situation, not the hair. By gawd the 80s hair.

I tried this a couple of months ago at the Kingsman beer festival, and was very impressed with it. It actually ended up being one of the more memorable beers I had that day, which is particularly commendable, because my memory of that day is mysteriously fuzzy. I wager the 40-something samples had something to do with this. Maybe.

We’ve all been here.

Maybe it’s just me, but I figured a brewery that goes by the name ‘Bad Tattoo’ would sport some labels that look like bad tattoos… Like a label of barbed wire that doesn’t fully wrap because the guy pussed the fuck out. Or the name of your girlfriend in old English lettering. Some beefy tribal that screams ‘I’m hardcore bruh!’? How about a shitty Charmander? Everyone loves a shitty Charmander!


The pour is a clear dark pink with a finger of of stark white, fat bubbles. Has some decent curtain lacing going on.

The smells are mostly tart cherry, sour yeast and a bit of crushed wheat grain. Simple and very cherry. Lovely!

The tastes are mild cherry, sour yeast, light florals and a heavy wheat and Oat background. It’s simple and FANTASTIC. Seriously, this is really nice if you like tart cherry. It’s really delicate, which I prefer for my fruity-type beers.

The mouthfeel is light and turbulent with a pretty beefy amount of carbonation. Flavors drop off pretty quickly, making this a pretty refreshing beer, indeed.

4.5/5 Damn dawg! This is fucking RAD! Glad they decided to bottle this, I’ve found a favorite Wit finally! Of you like slightly tart cherries, then this is a beer for you!

Love it!

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