Copper Kettle Pomegranate Sour by Moon Under Water Brewery 

I went to this brewery a few weeks ago! I know, I know; cool story bro. The weird thing is, the brewery was not, in fact, under water. I believe that’s some kind of false advertising or something. Good thing I had a great time or I might pick on that a bit more. Single you guys out and shit.

Oh Brits, you so pompous!

Moon Under Water has probably the coolest flight paddles I’ve ever seen. Simple and elegant. I love the fact that these breweries essentially hand out flimsy cricket bats for us to enjoy beer out of, and subsequently threaten each other with. I mean, I’ve never done that, just sayin’, it could be done…

Although this one is closer to a cricket pan..

I actually tried to order this exact beer at the brewery, but they were tapped out! I was disappoint. I did manage to get the exact beer later on at one of the local dispensaries though, so all is well. This label is fucking cool as all hell too, they need to stick with this motif. It’s far superior to their other labels! So. Pomegranate Sour? Check. Circular beatin’ paddle? Check. Paddlin’ the school canoe? Oh you’d best believe that’s a paddlin’!.. Check.

Then he got his beard caught in the pencil sharpener.

The pour is a slightly hazy copper amber with a small amount of of pure white fine head that settled to a mid size collar. No notable lacing.

The smells are big lactobacillus, sugary berry sweetness, sugar cookies and barn funk. Quite a beautiful aroma.

The tastes are big lactobacillus again, sugary berries again, ginger, holiday spice, and glazed doughnuts. Big bold and odd. A pleasant surprise, but no Pomegranate?

The mouthfeel is light and sticky. Flavors sting the tip of the tongue and linger in the edges of the palate, leaving a sticky residue and sugar berry afterglow.

3.5/5 It says Pomegranate but I’m not really getting Pomegranate specifically, rather more of a general sweet berry flavor. It’s nice but maybe a little sweeter than I anticipated for the style. Good one-and-done.

Me when I hear ‘sour’.

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