Rye Farmhouse Saison by Spinnakers Brewpub 

To my regular readers, yes another one. I can’t stop, won’t stop, to the beat bay-bee! Something like Too $hort… without the blackness, pimping, rapping, selling drugs, growing up in the ghetto, and.. I guess I’m nothing at all like Too $hort after all.

Funny, the only people I know that like Too $hort are white. Also, I only have one black friend.

🎵Stepdaddy, I know what you want. I come through like the first of the month🎵 – Definitely not me

I don’t understand how these rappers can brag about being poor and rich, often within the same song. Shit, sometimes within the same fucking verse. I have an extensive knowledge of the ‘rap & hip-hop’ genre, right up to about the year 2000. That was the year rap started to slowly die by rotting from the inside out, kicked off by the infectious parasite known as ‘Little John’ and the ensuing viral sepsis known as ‘Crunk’ and the ‘New South’ sound. Mother fuck is that shit fucking wretched.

Crunk white people, not even once.

I enjoy ‘classic’ (I know, I know.) southern rap, like UGK, Outkast, The Geto Boyz, and 3-6 Mafia. Not the uppity garbage that sprang from the uncleansed butthole of Crunk prolificaters, with the exception of a couple guys like Ludacris. It’s pretty hard to hate on a guy that made ‘Move Bitch’ a radio hit. That shit is just impressive.

🎵 get out da way bitch🎵

The pour is a fairly opaque, dirty amber with a half finger of fine fizz that died down to full hazing right away. Has minimal dot lacing.

The smells are strong! Getting massive oak and foot funk with a tangy fruit twist. Scary.

The tastes are tang and wood mostly. Getting oak, apricots, orange peel, foot funk and pretzels. Has a pretty dry finish like a cider. Not bad.

The mouthfeel is very light and almost acidic. Has a dry wash effect to it, not exactly quenching. Tang and funk linger in the back corners of the palate.

3/5 Not my favorite. Saison is a weird ‘catch all’ kind of category, and this is no exception. I finally found a Spinnakers brew that made me ‘meh’. Nobody is perfect.

Could be worse. Could also be egomaniacal.

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