‘Dragonfly’ Rye Saison by Spinnakers Brewpub 

I’m getting really close to completing their entire catalog and this one has been on my radar for a while now, but I can never seem to find it. It seems to be harder to find than Waldo in a candy cane and barber shop pole factory.

Y’know what? Fuck Waldo! That prick can stay lost.

“Let the Dragon consume you!” – Hanzo

Loco taquito tacos! Or something Japanese-ey.

(‘Overwatch’ is a video game, for those that don’t know. You should know. The game is addictive as all hell!) – – Hanzo. Hanzo, Hanzo, hanny Han hanzo. I love you, and everyone else hates your play-of-the-game stealin’ ass. We all can agree though, the most annoying character is Mei. Fuck Mei. I HATE MEI. Troll toon from hell. Walling off your own team? I’ll wakka-taquiyo-taco your frigid ass!

Your fucked now! WHERE’S YOUR GOD NOW BITCH?

Overwatch was made by Blizzard Entertainment, the same guys that made the soul-consuming World of Warcraft franchise. So needless to say, the game is fucking amazing and you should absolutely go get it. No you can’t play with me. Git gud scrub. GGEZ.


The pour is a fairly hazy golden amber with 3 good fingers of retentive, pure white fine fizz. Slight flaky lacing.

The smells are big barnyard yeast, slight Rye, citrus peels, and lemon. It’s a nice, crisp, spicy kind of aroma. Me likes.

The tastes are Rye wheat, herbal Pilsner-like flavors, citrus zests, and slightly funky. Straightforward and really tasty. Damn, this is fine!

The mouthfeel is light and crushable. Really easy drinking! Flavors wash from the edges inward starting with zest and leaving the pil herbal splash in it’s wake.

4.5/5 This is a fantastic Saison! I hope I can find more of these somewhere. I also hope that son-of-a-bitch Zenyatta fucking heals me one day! Aaaaaand I’m dead. Thanks dickface! See through the dragon’s eyes! Also, get this beer.

When your entire team gets wrecked and you’re just like:


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