Dry Hopped Sour by Category 12 Brewing 

🎵Oops! I did it again! An-oth-er sour! Are you sick of it yet? Oh baybee baybee.🎵 – Britney ‘She’s still alive?’ Spears

She’s seen things, man.

Category 12 has some seriously intricate labels, and this one is no exception. At first it looks like one of those cheesy 2d plastic gyroscopic wheel doodlers that were popular when I was a kid for some reason, but on closer inspection, it’s quite deeper than that. I lived through some dumb shit.

Pogs. How they got us to pay for fucking cardboard circles is beyond me, but, kids are pretty retarded.

Toy manufacturers were laughing all the way to the bank.

Snap bracelets. The fun way to slice your own wrist open!

Gak. Anybody else remember this? It was fucking plastic slime. That’s it. We paid for that shit.

Actually our parents paid for it. While shaking their heads in disappointment.

Full House. No idea why I watched it. No idea why anyone watched it. But we did, and we’re all stupider for it.

Power Rangers. Just kidding. Power Rangers were the shit!

Fucking bad ass.

The pour is an ever-so-slighty hazy pale straw color with a finger of bubbly champagne fizz that immediately fucked off, leaving a small collar behind.
The smells are mostly bright and exotic fruits with a tart edge. Banana, peach, pear, apples and a slightly funky note. Like the acidic edge of body odor without the gag reflex. Sounds gross but it’s pretty nice actually.

The tastes are.. Unexpected! It’s very low key and fairly complex. Lemon drops, pears, blood orange, kiwi, cantaloupe, foot funk, Strange herbal spice, and crackers. Very different, and very nice!

The mouthfeel is light and aggressive. This beer makes you think it’s going to invert your face but stops far short. Good carbonation.

4/5 Damn fine sour with a memorable palate! Limited? FAK! Go get it before it’s gone!

Aye yai yaiiiii

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