‘Cry Me a River’ Gose by Driftwood Brewery 

Every time Driftwood puts out a beer I gush about the label like some crazy fanboy. This time will not be any different. This is their coolest fucking label yet. No ragrets.

So hardcar.

I was going to visit the almighty Driftwood Brewery a week ago when I was bombing around Victoria, but they close at 6pm. On a Saturday. WHAT THE LIVING SHIT YEAR IS THIS? They are also totally closed on Sunday! What the fuck, is this a dry County?! Is everyone that works there a churchey or something? That’s disturbing.

Now, Correlation does not prove causation, but this is Dave Mustaine we’re talking about here.

I’m going to be spending a lot more time in Victoria for the foreseeable future, so I will get around to hitting them up. I’ll also be sure to ask why the blue hell they rock ‘prohibition’ hours of operation. Can’t believe I have to drink in a pet store!

All our pets are flushable.

“Pet shop eh? Well just got one question for ya! What kind of pet shop is filled with rambunctious yahoo’s and hot jazz music at 1 am?!”

“I uuh… The best damn pet shop in town!”

The pour is a cloudy, bright straw color with a small amount of fizz. No lacing.

The smells are mild overall. Wheat and stone fruit with a slight salinity.

The tastes are salty lemon and hay mostly. I just don’t get the salty, I don’t know why. Am I tasting soap? Not loving this.

The mouthfeel is lighter in body and kind of oily. It feels slimy and stingy. Good carbonation. Flavors (salt) all the fuck ova dis betch.

2.5/5 If there’s a Gose to drink, this is probably it. I just don’t get this style at all so, probably better to check out Beer advocate to get a realer rating. I could barely drink it. Salty. I’m kind of salty too.


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