‘Cannon’ IPA by Fuggles & Warlock Craftworks and The Nine O’Clock Gun Company


“CANNONS to the left of me… CANNONS to the right of me” – Raphael De la Ghetto


A simple black label with a white lined drawing of what appears to be a tricked out shield with wings or possibly an alternate Prince rebrand. It’s actually the logo for the Nine o’clock gun, a hat making company. Obviously. Hats and beer go together like butter and toast. The logo actually reminded me of the airships in Final Fantasy, probably because video games are never far from my mind. Cid would be proud.


Fuggles & Warlock have been pumping out a lot of releases lately, and definitely “keeping beer weird” as their labels indicate. That’s a great slogan too. I tend to keep my beer blog weird, because normal is boring. The Fuggles peeps clearly love their video games and pop culture, if the labels are any indication, and that makes us kindred spirits. Beer, video games, hats.. What else is there to life? Love?! Pfft. GTFO.


The pour is a perfectly clear honey amber color with a solid finger of pale white dense head. Has some light blobs of lacing.

The smells are cut grass, pine resin, florals, oranges, and a light sugary sweetness. The resinous aroma is most striking.

The tastes come in mild with grapefruit, florals, mixed tropical fruits, and a icing-like sweet wheat hue. Then the hopping kicks in and it’s a big bitter car wash of pine sap with a bit of alcohol heat on the tail. It’s a sharp ramp.

The mouthfeel is really smooth, with a nearly-heavy body. Flavors concentrate middle and work out sideways.

3/5 Youch that’s tough to drink. If you like em really bitter, Westcoast style then get it while it’s still here. It was interesting but I’d pass on another.


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