‘Space Goat’ Dry Hopped Oat Pale Ale by Phillips Brewing & Malting


đŸŽ”This is Major Goat to Ground Control
I’ve eaten half the door
And I’m bleating in a most peculiar way
And the beers look very different todayđŸŽ” – David Bowie (the GOAT)- Space Oddity


This beer practicality jumped off the shelf at me, with one of the most ridiculous and hilarious labels I’ve seen in a while. I love Phillips branding, their custom bottles and highly creative labels are top notch every time. Even their website is unique and funky. The last brew of theirs I had was Sax in the Dark, an excellent grape sour that was truly memorable and worth a revisit (which I totally did, twice over). I have a lot of sours in the beer queue right now, as it seems to be the trending brew type at the moment. As for Pale Ales, I just hope I’ll eventually find one that can rival the Mirror Pond. Pales seem to be criminally underrepresented and generally underwhelming in BCs beer scene, which is a shame because that was the first beer type I enjoyed outside of the standard ‘lager/pilsner fresh dumb teenager combo’.


đŸŽ”Some people call me the space goat, yeah
Some call me the goat of love
Some people call me Maurice (WOOO-WOOO)
Cause I speak of the pompitous* of loveđŸŽ”- The Joker- Steve Miller (not the GOAT, pretty decent though)

*I had to look this word up, and apparently it’s a nonce word; a made up word to fit a certain need or circumstance that may or may not actually have a meaning. That’s flazy, which is my nonce for the day. Flazy: Fucking lazy.

The pour is a slightly opaque golden amber with a finger of fuzzy bright white foam. Has some moderate lacing.

The smells are mostly big pine, citrus bitters and sweet grains. Pungent and fresh, reminiscent of a forest after a fresh rain.

The tastes are pine, grass, blood orange, light danky florals and a sticky brown sugar oatmeal backend. It’s fairly balanced and undeniably ‘westcoast’.

The mouthfeel is mid bodied and quite smooth for a pale ale. Flavors hang in the middle of the tongue and roll outward, leaving the pine and vague exotic citrus aftertaste.

3.5/5 The label (and brewery) brought me here, and while it didn’t knock my socks off, it was still a good drink. It’s a nicely balanced Westcoast Pale with a bit of extra sweetness. If that sounds good to you, this will satiate your inner goat.


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