‘Peach Paradise’ Hefeweizen by Spinnakers Brewpub


đŸŽ”Take me down to the Paradise Heffe / Where the wheat meets peaches and it makes me happyđŸŽ” – Fat Axl and the gang of misfit junkies.


It’s well documented that I am a huge fan of Spinnakers Brewpub, and not just because they give me freebies. It’s largely because they make a wide variety of exquisite beer… and they hook a brother up with freebies. Free beer and swag is not a ticket to a stellar review, but it certainly doesn’t hurt matters. *wink-wink to any breweries out there reading this*


The last couple of releases I deliberately stayed away from, because they were *shudder*.. mollusk beers. As in, oyster and clam based beers. I do not like shellfish at all, so I figured I’d just steer completely clear of those brews, because I already know I don’t like it. Salty sea slime; I don’t get it. Then they released a pair of ‘wee heavy’ variations, and again, I already know I am not a fan of that style at all, so I avoided those releases like they were anti-vaxxer parents on a Facebook-meme-educated ‘Bernie is greater than Jesus’ rant. I just noped out faster than dragging me to a dubstep and country music festival that only serves gluten-free food and Molson Canadian.


This release has a brother, a red hefe, that’s sitting in my cupboard awaiting it’s journey through my liver. Review coming to theatres Q2 2016. Their next release sounds fucking amazing. I’m waiting with bated breath, eager anticipation, and probably a few idioms. It’s an orange oat cream ale, and you goddamn right I’ll be snapping up some of those when they drop. It’s non-negotiable. It’s mandatory.


The pour is a opaque bright yellow with a finger of pure white bubbly fuzz.

The smells are peaches (.. Surprise!), banana, earthy notes and big fresh cut wheat. Super peach and banana profile, very sweet aroma overall.

The tastes are peaches, banana, cantaloupe, stone fruits, fresh wheat and whole grains. It’s very peach and banana forward. That’s a fine-ass hefe right there!

The mouthfeel is very light and airy with good carbonation. Flavors slowly meld around the back of the palate and linger with subtle grains on the aftertaste.

4/5 As far as fruity hefes go, this is a great entry. Normally I don’t really like fruit beers, but I guess peach is mild enough that it works for me. Worth picking up if you like peaches and/or hefes. This would be a great beach beer.


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