‘Uganda Sipi Coffee’ by Bridge Brewing & Moja Coffee


Coffee is the one of the only things keeping me alive at this point in my life. My very easy, very stress-free life with no kids, significant other, schooling, or other major stress contributors. You can hate me a little, it’s OK. Everyone does eventually. I won’t stress about it.


đŸŽ”It’s my blog and I’ll opine if I want tođŸŽ”
*The following is not about any one person in my life, but rather, many of the people I’ve meet throughout my life. So fuckin’ chill. I’ve ranted this rant before.*

So many people complain about lack of free time, and how their lives are just so stressful. These people almost always do it to themselves. Oh, you don’t have any free time hey? Why don’t you drop one of the 50 fucking hobbies you have then? I have a handful of hobbies (drums, gaming, gymming, whatever this is), none of which require my undivided attention. If I need time, I make it. If I need to lie on the couch, I can. So can you, don’t play the ‘have to’ game because I won’t buy it. If it’s not about a kid or a job, you don’t have to do shit. You make your own stress, and now you can fucking deal with it, because literally nobody wants to listen to you bitch about it.


Uganda always makes me think of Idi Amin, the man with the longest, most up-your-ass, self-title ever assembled: “His excellency President for life, Field Marshall Alhaji Dr. Idi Amin Dada, VC, DSO, MC, CBE”. Doctor of what? Pain, rape and suffering? The fucktard had roughly 43 kids and 5 wives (at once, polygamist scum), three of which died mysteriously or disappeared entirely. I also like that he declared himself an MC. MC Amin: droppin’ ill rhymes and war crimes.


From coffee, to stress, to a brutal dictatorship; these are all good ingredients to a weird string of tangents. Just call me “His ultimate radness of cool, MC VanBrewverite the thirdth, ESQ, VIP, BBW”. BBW means “Boorish, blogging, whiteboy”… Right?

The pour is a clear dark mahogany with a finger of bone white foam. Has really good fine lacing.

The smells are big coffee, wood, and a hint of smoke. Minimalistic, and wonderful.

The tastes are coffee, caramel, walnuts and a big hoppy floral pop. This is excellent, at first it’s coffee and caramel, then the nuts and floral hops come roaring up on the aftertaste. Not super complex, and it doesn’t need it because it’s super tasty!

The mouthfeel is light bodied, and a little watery. If I had to say anything bad about this beer, that’d be it. Highly crushable, especially for the style, with decent lager-amounts of carbonation.

4.5/5 This is only the second brown ale I’ve really liked. I’m pretty sure this is actually the best brown ale I’ve ever had. If you can get down with a ‘woodsy’ black coffee type beer, this is for you! Another great Bridge brew in the books!


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