‘Phaedra’ Belgian Rye IPA by Four Winds Brewing


This is one of the greatest IPAs in BC from one of the greatest breweries in BC, Four Winds Brewing. I’ve been drinking Phaedra for a while now, long enough that I feel I can review it with great accuracy and authenticity. Not all willy-nilly like my other reviews chock full of loosely connected pop culture references, that sometimes have literally nothing to do with beer.

jzApUmK - Imgur.gif

Cut my wife in to pieces, this is my last divorce!

Phaedra is a figure in Greek mythology that translates roughly to ‘bright’, which is a great descriptor that I’m not entirely sure how to say properly (Fay-drah? Puh-hay-der-ah? Puh-lalah-pah-loozah?).  It is a beautiful name, befitting of a beautiful beer. If I ever have a daughter, I’m going to name her ‘beer’.


The color scheme of the label works in a very odd way. Not sure why they decided on the Canary Islands Flag as the color scheme, but it looks sharp regardless. Some of the newer brews they’re putting out have different (better) labels, and I hope they transition the rest of their lineup over because the new labels are much sharper and eye-catching.


The pour is an opaque orange-amber with a finger of eggshell white fine foam. Has really nice sticky lacing.

The smells are big and bright. Tons of fruity notes, like grapefruit, lemon, orange peel, melons, and a sizzling, vibrant, fuzzy peach. Equally noted is the crunchy malt backbone, mostly rye bread. I am in love.

The tastes are a tropical and citrus buffet. Fuzzy peaches, cantaloupe, melons, mild grapefruit, lemon rind, bell pepper and light florals. Rye bread and fresh wheat provide the perfect counterbalance, I don’t recall ever drinking a more superbly balanced beer. This is perfect. Absolutely perfect!

The mouthfeel is smooth and full with good middling carbonation. Flavors creep the whole palate, lingering around the top backend with bitter citrusey amazingness.

5/5 Perfect in every way. Best IPA I’ve ever had, and one of the best beers I’ve ever had, period. You must find this. Then you must drink it… obviously.


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