‘Social Stout’ by Postmark Brewing and Ninety Nine Social Club


My phone updated and now my pictures look like shit… Fucking bullshit man. Marshmallow update can gum my Blowpop.



So the Ninety Nine Social Club is a Vancouver based organization that… Likes rugby? That’s all I managed to get off their Facebook group anyways. No clue what this has to do with beer. Rugby club —> Craft Beer, is the natural progression of course. Duh.


I tried to play rugby for a bit way back in middle school, and it lasted a few weeks before I decided that football is vastly superior, and I hate distance running. Hate it. I once tried to form tackle a guy like I would in football and nearly killed myself, and apparently that’s an illegal play. Dumb. Just to be clear, I have tremendous respect for rugby players, as they are some of the toughest athletes on earth. But for me, a natural born sprinter, football makes the most sense (to play) because I get to take a breather between every play, which lasts less than 10 seconds on average. That’s my kind of sport! Run. Stop... Run. Stop… Probably pretty boring for people that don’t understand the game. Then again, I understand golf and would rather get a scrotal piercing before watching it a single second of it.


I do love my Postmark. I’ve reviewed a few of their brews now, and they seem to hit on just about everything. The biggest standout of the top of my head would be their Pilsner, which is one of the best in BC by my tastes. Normally they have really classy looking labels featuring real pictures of various landscapes, sunsets, coastlines and the like. This time it appears to be a rugby players foot. Meh. It’s a step down, but it’s not a mainstay so it’s not a big deal. I guess it could be a step up for someone with a foot fetish? I wouldn’t know. My fetish is boobs and ass. I know, I know.. Weirdo.


The pour is pitch black with a finger of super fine, mocha colored foam. Ebbed to a beautiful full haze.

The smells are dark chocolate, coffee, caramel and almonds. Pretty straightforward, pretty stout-ey overall.

The tastes are very bold, with coffee and dark chocolate as the main big notes. Also getting caramel, walnuts, faint molasses and some light earthy tones. It’s pretty much a prototypical stout. Really solid.

The mouthfeel is velvety smooth with faint ticklish carbonation. Flavors slowly blanket the palate with dark chocolate and coffee. Smoooooth.

3.5/5 Solid stout all around, but not too memorable. Postmarks mainstay stout has more character and is the better choice.


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