‘Zwarte Wheat’ Dark Witbier by Townsite Brewing Inc


AH! Dude what the fuck is that!?







That shit is creepy as fuck guys… The label has taken my soul.

“Are you the keymaster?

Yes!.. I’m a friend of his; he told me to meet him here. I didn’t catch your name?

I am the beer reviewer, Zuul.

Zuul.. I need to talk to the VanBrewverite, Zuul.

There is no VanBrewverite, only Zuul.”


Low on Cyan, high on ZUUL.

Zuul has only tried a couple of selections from Townsite so far, and I will surely be rectifing this egregious indiscretion in the next few months. Townsite have a wide variety of interesting hybrids and strange brew styles, in your neighbourhood. When there’s something weird, sleeping in your bed, who you gonna call? Another escort service!


Wait.. Scratch that. This is fine.

The pour is a clear, extra dark brown with a deep red tint. Has a finger of soapy tan head and some moderately clingy lacing.

The smells are very ‘hefe’ like, with a strong, slightly sour wheat body. Dark fruits, black cherry and a bit of pepper. It’s a weird and wonderful aroma. It’s like a sour dark hefe?

The tastes are just as wacky. Plums, black current, black pepper, banana, brown bread, Cola bottles … Wild. It’s like the Dr. Pepper of beers!

The mouthfeel is smooth and crisp, which is very odd. It’s light bodied like a lager, and velvety like a stout. Flavors skirt the edges of the palate, leaving a nice roasted wheat aftertaste.

4.5/5 Man, I don’t know what this even is trying to be and I absolutely love it. The most confusingly delicious beer I’ve ever had. It’s like a light bodied Dunkelweisse, and it’s something that needs to be experienced firsthand.

Greatest remix ever! 🎵Bustin’ bustin’ bustin’ bustin’ makes me feel good!🎵

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