‘Best Bitter’ by Persephone Brewing Co


đŸŽ”Cause it’s a bittersweet
Symphony that’s lah pflah-hat đŸŽ” by ‘Who cares I hate that stupid song’ from the album “I can’t even be bothered to look up the actual lyric”, track number “I hate these guys”.


Walking Dead = soap opera. Game of Thrones is also a soap opera in disguise. I can hear people trying to justify liking the show now; “Naw man, it’s got dragons and killing and shit!”, “Floppy weiners bro!”, “Does this negative fucker like anything?!”. Look, I’m familiar with soap operas thanks to my mum being an “All my Children” junkie when I was a kid and, yes they are literally the same thing. Remember that storyline when Erica had an abortion? Of course you do! Then it later came to light that Dr. Madden had actually transplanted that aborted fetus in to his own infertile wife, and then years later Erica formed a relationship with that kid… Man, that would barely fly in the WWE that’s so bonkers. That’s some next-level evil science right there.


Evil abortion clinic and replanting facility.

Anyways, as my example clearly indicates, the shows are exactly the same. Remember that dingus with the stupid face, fuckin’ Tad. His wife Dixie ‘died’ in a car crash, but it turns out she wasn’t dead after all, despite her fucking ghost making several appearances throughout the show. Just like Game of Thrones. Also, everyone in these shows seems to be getting trapped in wells for some reason. Wells still exist in great enough numbers that people seem to regularly find themselves trapped in them. It’s happened multiple times in the same universe. What twisted asshole names their kid Tad anyway? What an awful name. Tad.


Probably trapped in a silo or some shit. Fuckin’ Tad.

Beer. Talk about beer, man.

I love Persephone Brewing as much as I love hate “Days of our lives”. I have reviewed a few of their brews now, and tried several more, and I see it as one of those breweries that’s always got really solid beers and a few amazing beers. Some breweries meander and toe the line of good/bland. These guys are always in the red. I get their Golden Ale six packs all the time now; they are fantastic slamming beers.

Did I mention fuck the Verve? They suck.

The pour is a clear mid-amber with a half finger of bright white fuzzy head that dropped off immediately, leaving a beefy collar and bubbly hazing.

The smells are cedar, pine, soil and resinous bitters. It’s an outdoorsy aroma, but not in the floral sense, much more dirt and trees. It’s a mild aroma and quite rugged. I like it.

The tastes are pine resin, bark, leafy bitter (like cabbage), tobacco, lemongrass, dark berries and Rye bread. It’s got a good, bitter snap to it and the flavors blend very nicely. It’s halfway between an English Bitter and an ESB. Well balanced overall.

The mouthfeel is light and crisp, much like a lager or Pilsner. Flavors seem to stay high on the palate, and leave a great resinous/tobacco finish.

4/5 Great bitter with a beautiful hoppy push to it. It’s not as powerful as the typical ESB, and not quite mild enough to be considered an English style. Seems to ride the line nicely. If you like the bitter styles, this is worth picking up! Not a beginner beer.


He lost his eye in a well accident.

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