‘Doc Tegart’s’ ESB by Arrowhead Brewing Co


Doc- “Marty! We have to go back! To the future!

Marty- “Why Doc, has Biff become a prophecy of Trump’s to come?! Have the price of rugburn-red puffy vests gone through the roof?! Has nobody actually made a real fucking hover board?!”

Doc- “No!.. You’re shaking all over the place!

Marty- “… That’s not funny, Doc.”

Doc- “It kinda is actually….”


The best part about Michael J Fox jokes, is that Michael J Fox also makes Michael J Fox jokes, because Michael J Fox actually has a sense of humor. If I was suddenly stricken with Parkins-aids-polo tomorrow, believe me, I’d be the first to crack a Hodgkin’s Lymphoma joke. That’s just how I roll.


Wow, that was a tangent and a sequel. That all started because the name of the beer has ‘Doc’ in it. Sometimes a good rant just needs a nudge in the right direction.


I like the batch tag on the cap, that just screams “underdog”. The label is… Unique I suppose. Looks like and old snake oil salesman concoction, or an old western wanted DOA poster. What the fuck am I getting in to here? Hoping for a diamond in the rough here.

The pour is a cloudy dark amber with two to three fingers of lumpy tan foam.

The smells are florals, light citrus fruits, Graham cracker and earthy wood-like notes. It’s a pleasant, delicate aroma.

The tastes are wild! God damn, what the fuck. Exotic citrus fruit bowl unlike any I’ve tried. It’s not super bitter either! Lemon-lime, starfruit, passion fruit, orange zest and a lot of ‘what the fuck is this, yeast?!’. Not much discernable in the malt end, and that’s fine, the hops and WEIRD tangy yeast are keeping me plenty entertained. Not well balanced, but it’s so intriguing I couldn’t care less.

The mouthfeel is turbulent and a bit.. Burney? Again, weirdness is abound. High carbonation going on here. Flavors willy-nilly around the tip of the tongue and roll back. Fuck is this ever fucking weird.

3.5/5 I don’t know if I love it, and I’ll probably have to buy more to find out. One of the stranger beers I’ve tried that wasn’t instantly awful. I recommend this strange anomaly. We have to go back Marty!


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