‘Exil D’Eden’ Apple & Oat Table Saison by Four Winds Brewing & Le Trou du Diable


Exile Eden? I see where this is going! It’s an apple-based beer… Garden of Eden…

God- “Don’t do this thing!”

Adam & Eve- “We did the thing”

God-…. -_- the fuck did I just say?


We’re going back to the days of Genesis for this review. No not the band. Everybody knows that Phil Collins can’t dance, and if you can’t dance, well, you’re no friend of mine!

That was a great paragraph, I think we’re done here for today.


Four Winds, king of the saison! I was discussing this with a colleague the other day (Yes, I have a colleague. Just one.), and we agreed that Four Winds Brewing is one of the the best breweries in British Columbia. Top 3 easy. They are that damn good, I can say that with %100 honesty and no forced jokes. I should make a list of the best breweries in BC. Bitches love lists!


The pour is a perfectly clear, straw yellow with a half finger of fizz that ebbed immediately to a light haze with a decent size collar.

The smells are tart apple, lemon, hay, and sweet oatmeal. Smells summery and bright like a (biblical?) apple orchid. Very nice!

The tastes apple juice, lemons, cantaloupe, light florals, pages of the old testament, hay, and brown sugar oatmeal. It’s a bit tart and slightly cider-like overall. It reminds me that I should be drinking this outside. It’s something like drinking a nice apple pie. All the notes are fairly expressed here, this is a well done beer! I’m suddenly sad this is limited 😦

The mouthfeel is crisp and bubbly, flavors hit the tip of the tongue and kind of sizzle. Apple all day on the aftertaste. Kind of like drinking champagne.

4/5 No surprise that a Four Winds Saison is a big hit with me. Their saison game is impeccable! Actually, their everything is pretty impeccable. If you can find it, you must try this! Now go with Jesus, my son. He has candy and a windowless van.


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