‘Udder Domination’ Imperial Milk Stout by Dead Frog Brewery


Deadly animals is a good way to get me to get me to pay attention to your beer. An atomic cow? Shit, that’s going to hold my attention for longer than most TV shows do these days.


Fox's new series "Freaking Laser Birds".

Usually I stay away from imperial styles, due mostly to the extra alcohol that’s not always covered well. But lately, I’ve come across a few that do a wonderful job stealthily getting me way too drunk, so I’ve decided to reevaluate my stance on these brew types. Switching from a defense stance to semi-offence, gotta protect ya neck.


I passed with a solid 87.

I had the opportunity to chat up the Dead Frog booth recently at the Coquitlam Craft Beer festival, and this was one of the beers I tried. They have a pretty lackluster reputation despite being one of the older craft breweries around the lower mainland, and they realize this, so they got a new brewmaster and are redoing a lot of their brews. I’ve had this beer and the Red Dragon, and just basing my opinion off those two, they’ve taken a big step up from the depths of mediocrity that they were mired in for many years. I hope they come up with some sexy new brews to compete with all the newbies out there now. Freakin’ kids!


Worst. Reference. EVER.

The pour is pure black with no head, just a bit of collaring.

The smells are molasses, tannins, mild cacao, oily nuts and smoky wood. Very nice aroma overall, not too strong.

The tastes are spicy and bitter-hoppy. Molasses, smoke, raisins, dates, plums, exotic spices, alcohol, cacao, mixed nuts, all supplanted by a coffeeish backdrop. It’s wildly different than any stout I’ve ever tried, and insanly complex. Not bad!

The mouthfeel is thick and creamy. Mild carbonation. The flavors coat the back of the palate, leaving the spices to linger.

3.5/5 It’s an oddball, spicy kind of Stout. It definitely has its own distinctive personality, and while I’m not absolutely in love, it’s nice to see Dead Frog stepping their game up. This is a vast improvement over their old catalog, and I hope they keep pushing their limits. Not a bad one-and-done! Worth trying at least once.


Flame-broiled anus beef.

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