‘Entangled’ Hoppenweisse by Driftwood Brewery


I grabbed this beer a couple of weeks ago, and after a few days sitting in my cupboard it fucking exploded!



It exploded... in my cupboard. Coating all of my Tupperware, dishes and cat food in beer and leaking on the floor. No, the kitchen wasn’t hot. Besides that, I’ve been storing beers in my cupboard when it’s really hot out and that’s never once happened. The weirdest part is, it exploded in two spots simultaneously! How the fuck?! Snipers? Illuminati? Aliens? Sniper alien Illuminati?


There is, however, a happy ending to this mystery. I contacted the good folks at Driftwood and explained their beer decided to go all IED on me, and they shipped me a new one.. With some swaaaag!


I honestly expected nothing more than a replacement beer, mostly because cleaning everything up was a monumental pain in the cock (losing a 6 dollar beer isn’t ruining my day), and I was pleasantly surprised by the extra goodies! The shirt is especially kick-ass. It’s a large, but it’s a long large, which for a tall skinny guy like myself is just fantastic! Shirts are very hit and miss when it comes to a proper fit for long, lean individuals such as myself. The eternal 1st-world struggle.


I’m wearing my super awesome, metal-esqe t-shirt while I’m typing (tapping) this out. I swear it won’t impact the rating of the beer. I’m a walking advertisement for Driftwood Brewing now, and that’s just fine with me! Better than that bottled urea that Molson brews up in garbage pails and bottles with catheter tubing. If I had a free Molson shirt, I’d actually have a free terry-towel. Probably a shitty one too.


The pour is a slightly cloudy straw-amber, with a finger of bone-white soapy foam. Decent lacing. It has a nice, fuzzy glow to it.

The smells are vibrant, it hit me hard during the pour. Getting juicy citrus flavors, grapefruit, starfruit, nectarines and light florals. It smells WONDERFUL. Bah gawd!

The tastes are more subdued than the nose, but still pretty bold. Grapefruit, starfruit, nectarines, bananas, and light herbal notes play over a thick wheat and biscuit background. It’s supremely balanced, and highly expressive. Fruity as FUCK! A hopped-up Hefe for sure, this is superb!

The mouthfeel is light and smooth with a surprise crispness I totally didn’t see coming from a Hefe hybrid. Flavors mix around the back and sides of the palate leaving a nice grapefruit and nectarine aftertaste. This is definitely sessionable. Good carbonation too.

4.5/5 Very fruity, and very fresh. Cool label, swag, crushable, and well-rounded, this beer is a must-try! I’ll be getting more of these 100%! Hopefully I don’t encounter another grenade brew, but I know if I do, Driftwood’s customer service reps have my back!


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