Mitchell’s Extra Special Bitter by Spinnakers Brewpub


Hnnnnnother Spinnakers selection! I love ESB and this is my favorite brewery so, I’m a little excited for this one.


I just changed jobs and shifts, now I’m a stinky daywalker instead of an ubercool nightstalker and I’ve noticed that i’m not very funny or creative in the morning. This is unacceptable so I’ll be back later.


OK, I’m back. Time sure acts differently when it’s written down.. Also referring to stalkers as ‘ubercool’ is probably not cool at all. The shit my brain craps out when I’m sleepy tends to be questionable, at best. I probably could delete that part, but I like to live with my indiscretions like a bad tattoo. Like a constant reminder to not fuck up, or you’ll be stuck with Bill Cosbys face on your left butt cheek for the rest of time.


I am steadily making my way through Spinnakers entire catalog, and there are still a few that I really, really want to try. In particular, if any of my readers want to find and gift me a Dragonfly Saison.. I love you long time?

And then?

I’ll make you a pan of my awesome homemade fudge using a totally-not-stolen recipe?

Aaannnd theeeeen?

I’ll direct and star in a short based around your life journey up to the point you decided to so graciously gift this poor beer blogger a beer from my favorite brewery. Al Pacino will totally not be un-onboard to unparticipate!




The pour is medium amber-brown with no head. Decent collar.

The smells are mild overall, and lean mostly to the malt end. Getting caramel, florals and what I can best describe as an ‘outdoorsy’ aroma.. Like camping but without the smoke. Very nice!

The tastes are caramels, wheat, florals, and an odd spicy hoppiness to it. Really hard to peg the exact spice flavor. Orange rind, lemons, brown sugar, and buttered toast. It is surprisingly mild hop-wise, with the sugary sweetness being much more noticeable. I’m used to hoppier ESBs, but then this is ‘English Style’ not ‘Westcoast hop-slap-to-the-balls style’. It’s OK.


The mouthfeel is medium bodied and exceptionally busy. High carbonation, almost too high. Flavors wash the palate evenly and the bready, sugary, low key notes linger.

3.5/5 It’s kind of weird, but not bad. I’ve been spoiled in the ESB realm, so I probably would skip this in the future. Worth trying for sure, my opinion might be tainted.


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