‘Nectarous’ Dry Hopped Sour by Four Winds Brewing


It seems as though this is slowly turning in to a sour reviewing blog, what with all the sours and such. I probably should mix it up a bit, but fuh-huck that, sours are sweet. Figuratively. They are literally sour, and that’s figuratively sweet.


These bottles are always kind of fun to open, because the cork rockets out similar to a bottle of champagne.

This cork flew like 20 feet across my house and ended up under the couch. Scared the shit out of my cat too. Which isn’t really surprising, considering she’s scared of plastic bags and tin foil, despite the fact that neither of those things have ever tried to eat her. She’s a special kind of dumb. The extra stupid kind of dumb. Like, other people in traffic kind of fucking dumb.


The bumper sticker says “Real men love Jesus”, which sounds vaguely homoerotic. I suppose that makes me an artificial man? The bumper sticker should say “I can’t use my rear view mirror because of this massive decal”. What possesses a person to do this? I should get a giant, ugly decal that reads “Red XIII is Nanaki”, because that’s pretty much equally useless information.


The pour is all the foam. All of it. It’s pretty ridiculous, honestly. It’s a nice sunny yellow color and nearly clear. Good lacing is sticking everywhere.

The smells are pungent peach, barn funk, oranges, and big florals. Smells intense.

The tastes are more reserved, with peaches, plums, lactobacillus, and florals as the main notes. Getting passion fruit, melons, fresh grains, barn yard funk and sunflower seeds in the background. This leans slightly hop and isn’t supremely sour, but is pretty well rounded overall. It’s a lighter, melony sour. Not bad.

The mouthfeel is light and soft, with good carbonation. Flavors carpetbomb the tongue from back to front.

3/5 Fruity/berry sours are very hit or miss with me, and this wasn’t on the mark by my preferences. It’s a fairly delicate sour, and it’s well rounded, but the flavor scheme isn’t for me. One-and-done. Worth trying though.

*UPDATE 29/09/16 – I’ve had this a few more times, and I feel I rated it far too low or maybe the batch I had was not the greatest. This truly deserves a 4/5 minimum. The flavors are so robust and well rounded! Two people I’ve got to try this that don’t like sours were impressed! Not a one and done, I’ll get this often! 


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