Elderflower Kettle Sour by Bridge Brewing Co


I was lucky enough to get a special sample of this recently at the Craft Beer Festival in Coquitlam, thanks entirely to my wonderful social media manager pimping me out to the guys at the booth. So, I already know that (spoiler) I like it a lot.


Clearly I need a manager.

This brew is part of the Bridge Brewing Ironworkers Series. If the rest of the series is as tasty as this is, I need to locate and rant about the other entries ASAP. The White IPA won a Gold medal at the BC beer awards, which is far better than a lame-o participation ribbon. They started the whole “everybody gets an award” crap when I was in Elementary school around 1989-1995 for Sports Day, and even at the time, I remember thinking “This is bullshit. It’s a ribbon for losing!”. I never actually got to experience the failure feelings of a participation ribbon on Sports Day, because my team usually ended up winning. I was a particularly valuable teammate due to the fact that most of the activities revolved around being fast. I was, and still am, very fast. I also was, and still am, highly competitive. Those things combined usually lead to victory. I wasn’t super popular in grade school, except on Sports Day; The best day. Sports Day these days probably revolves around who can code faster, who can file the tightest sexual harassment case, the fastest snapchatter, most Twitter followers, or who can most quickly be offended (TRIGGERED!) by an innocuous statement.


Most allergic to everything.

This label isn’t as fancy-dan as their usual fare.. They should have used their standard labeling and just added a sparkley banner or something. Their traditional decals are much cooler looking by my eye.

The pour is an almost clear, dark amber with a super fine, eggshell-white head that dispersed immediately leaving a tiny amount of collaring.

The smells are beautiful florals, oranges, mangos and fresh wheat. It’s a light, but wonderful aroma reminiscent of a bouquet of flowers. Full marks here.

The tastes sour lactobacillus, distinct florals (so fresh!), orange/citrus zests, earth notes, and a grainy/whole wheat backbone. It’s a very reserved and delicate sour overall, and I absolutely love it! The florals are so expressive and work magnificently with the light citrus hopping. It’s like I’m drinking the Secret Garden!


…creeped out.

The mouthfeel is medium-bodied and goes down smooth. Flavors kind of wash from front to back leaving the nice floral bouquet on the aftertaste. Slightly sticky on the tongue, as is the case with most sours. Goes down easy for a sour, which I found interesting. Sours are usually sippers, but this, albeit not a pounder, was very easy-drinking.

4.5/5 This is tied with my all-time favorite sour (Tofinos Hunt & Gather). I’d absolutely recommend this to anybody that loves sours, and anybody that isn’t sure about sours yet. This is a fantastic sour all-round, and I’ll definitely be getting more of these in the future!


My reaction when.

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