‘Common Winds’ Apricot Brett Ale by Four Winds Brewing and The Commons Brewery


I find most collaborative brews are generally lacking. I’m not sure exactly why, but I suspect these brews don’t have the same level of trail, error and refinement that the solo outings go through. Maybe I’m just out to lunch on that assumption.


Kids are retarded.

đŸŽ”You want to see whatever common people see
You want to sleep with common people
You want to sleep with common people like me.Â đŸŽ” – ‘Common People’ – Pulp


Many drugs have been through these humans.

The label looks like the traditional Four Winds label, but with a slightly gaudy twist. Looks like someone attacked a blue fill with the eraser tool in MSPaint. Not a fan.


But.. This IS a fan..

On the plus side, if this beer is good, it might remain on the shelf long enough for me to grab another! Possible incoming silver lining?

The pour is an opaque burnt orange-amber with a good three+ fingers of eggshell white, bubbly head. This is a turbulent looking brew…

The smells are barnyard funk, flowers, apricots, melons, sour berries, hay, and sugary doughnuts. Very bright aroma.

The tastes are apricots, barn funk, juicy melons, starfruit, hay, tannins, metal (hmm) and honeycrisp cereal. It’s a powerful, tangy flavor overall, similar to a hoppy saison. The metal is ruining the experience, which is the opposite of how I usually react to metal.


So metal I use tinfoil for TP.

The mouthfeel is light and extremely carbonated. Flavors quickly bombard the entire palate. It’s difficult to drink because of the intensity of the carbonation. Getting the burps like crazy.

2.5/5 I feel Deja-beer on this one, I’ve been here before. The extreme carbonation detracts from the overall experience. Has a metallic edge I really didn’t enjoy. One-and-done for me. I got about halfway through the bottle then decided I was done. I was still fucking burping the next morning.


Got me like.

This gif has me cry-laughing. Craughing.

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