‘Lost Lake’ Fresh Hopped IPA by Whistler Brewing Co


Wait… What? Wet hopped beer? In Smarch?


Lousy Smarch weather!

I don’t know how. I don’t know why. I have a fairly good idea where. I know who. What is fairly obvious. Right now answers when. I tried googleing stuff and found no answers. Normally the wet-hop brews are a fall thing, because that’s when the hops get harvested, so this was a pleasant and welcome surprise.


It's a long gif, almost defeating the purpose.

Wet hop brews are usually really good. Not everyone agrees, but then, not everyone is a sometimes-funny beer aficionado. One of my all-time favorite beers is a wet hopper: The Green Reaper. Fresh goes better (🎵men-toes freshness🎵)!


🎵Mentoes fresh and full of LIIIIIIFE🎵

The pour is a clear dark orange-amber with almost a finger of fluffy, pure white foam. Has some great retentive lacing.

The smells are grass, tree sap, pine needles, mild exotic fruitiness and a fresh wheat base. Not super strong. Smells outdoorsy.

The tastes are strong and bitter. Pine needles, sap, black pepper, fleeting citrus notes, and a bready-saltine base. It’s undeniably a ‘Westcoast’ IPA. I like it.

The mouthfeel is thick and heavy. This brew has LEGS, but goes down like silk. Bitters coat the entire palate and linger in the back by the wisdom teeth. Has good (natural) carbonation. Much better than that weird unnatural carbonation, if you ask me which you didn’t.

4/5 Wet hoppers are usually winners with me and this is no exception. Damn good ‘Westcoast’ IPA. No surprises here, just a great beer. Supplies mutherfucker.


My reaction when.

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