‘Old Cellar Dweller’ Barlywine by Driftwood Brewing


I’ll just state right off the bat, I do not like Barlywine very much. I pretty much bought this because:

1- Seasonal
B- Driftwood
Thrice- Dat label!


Cats=Internet points

I like how the various breweries that have decided to dabble in the Barlywine make sure to name it ‘Barlywine Ale’, or some variation of that. The general beer drinking population is assumedly too stupid to figure out that Barlywine is beer, not wine. But can you blame them? Beer drinkers aren’t stereotypically considered an intellectual crowd like the hoity-toity wine connoisseurs out there, what with their fancy clothes, and their hippin and the hoppin and the bippin and the boppin… They don’t know what the JAZZ.. is all ABOUT!



That wax cap was a fucking pain in the ass to get through. Y u do dis Driftwood?

The pour is a nice copper color with a finger of off-white bubbly froth. Some sporadic lacing.

The smells are strong citrus, black pepper, alcohol and a thick grainy quaff. Pungent as all hell.

The tastes are black pepper, orange zest, raisins, and spicy herbs with a good strong caramel-doughnut background. And alcohol, of course. (11.4%) Amazingly balanced, considering the hop falcon-punch.


Everyone's favorite move to spam.

FALCOM PAUNCH! – Every Smash player, at some point in time.

If you don’t like Super Smash Bros, unfortunately, I must inform you that you suck at liking things. You also will not get any of those references. It’s not my fault you never learned how to enjoy fun properly. Blame Treudau (or Obama for my southern friends). Stupid sexy Treudau.

The mouthfeel is medium bodied and very smooth. Tastes attack the whole palate, all at once. Leaves a burny alcohol on the back of the tongue. Good carbonation.

3.5/5 Well done for the style, but it’s not my type of beer. Very, very strong flavors and deep, burning alcohol hit that lingers. I had to try it. If you like powerful flavors and hot alcohol, give it a go. Not recommend for people that suck at enjoyment and fun.



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