English Dark Mild by Ravens Brewing Co


Quoth the raven; Nevermore.


"I considered sitting in the corner one of my moves"

A simple name and a simple label, I would probably not have picked this up had a beer making friend of mine tipped me off. I trust his judgement of beers, partly because he brews his own in an award-winning brewclub and partly because he knows my tastes fairly well. I made mention of a fantastic English bitter I had in Vancouver a while back, and he suggested I pick this up. So here we are. This story has no foreseeable punchline. I can’t even figure out a way to wedge a pun in there.


I should get one of those. But I should get a girlfriend first.

As I already alluded to, the label is lukewarm at best. A silhouette of a raven and different sizes of the same font isn’t pushing new boundaries or anything. What is this, a newspaper? This will automatically be considered a “diamond in the rough” if it’s good, based solely on the blasé packaging.


Pronounced 'Blah-Zay'.

The pour is a deep, dark brown with a bit of a red pitch to it. About a finger of bubbly tan head with meaty lacing that holds faster than Sly in Cliffhanger.


His eyebrows match his scowl.

The smells are dark chocolate, fresh coffee, roasted grains, and an earthy soil-like bitter note. Strong aromatics, very enticing!

The tastes are bitter coffee, soil (it works), light grass, bitter florals and roasted grains. Follows the nose quite closely. Very mild hopping, but has a mainly malty bitterness to it. I really like this, it’s so fresh and interesting.

The mouthfeel is light bodied and bubbly, flavors focus around the middle and work to the back of the tongue. Good carbonation. This is really easy-drinking!

4/5 Wow. This is a wonderful take on the mild style, I absolutely love it! Bravo! If the packaging was a bit more interesting, it’d be a nearly perfect score. I’ll be trying more from Ravens real soon! Highly recommended.


My reaction.

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