‘Gratitude Winter Warmer’ by Hoyne Brewing Co


Another bag of beer! It’s like a Capri-Sun for adults.


Cmon mom.

Apparently, I unwrapped a novella.


There’s a lot printed on this beer. It’s a long poem I suppose? It told me nothing about the actual beer itself, like what’s in it, so this will be a guessing game for my beer sense. Little known fact: We have way more than 6 senses, like sense of direction, Vestibular Sense (balance) and sense of Malthoppibrew (beer sense). All I know about this beer is that it’s 9% and a “Winter Ale”, which can mean pretty much anything. I’m expecting a very strong alcohol taste and some spicy hopping. My Malthoppibrew senses are tingling!


My something else is... tingling.

The pour is a nearly clear dark amber with a half finger of bubbly white foam that ebbed immediately to a total haze. Has slight lacing.

The smells are very light overall. Getting flowers, walnuts, and toffee. Not super complicated on the nose. Pretty sweet overall.

The tastes are alcohol (first, that’s no bueno), brown sugar, pepper, flowers, marichino cherries, and a pinch of molasses. I’m not in love. The alcohol is immediately apparent, and not overly pleasant. I’m drinking burning. Yes, like Ralph Wiggum.

The mouthfeel is medium bodied and quite active. This beer triggers hard in the center of the tongue and then drops off leaving the burning alcohol taste.

2/5 I can drink it, but I’m not digging this. It looks and smells fine, but the taste is not for me. I had to lower the overall score as a result. Spicy and too alcoholic, it’s a one-and-done. Actually about 1/4 and done, because I poured it out and went for a nice porter (oat porter by Four Winds) with some Fava beans.


It was delightful. Ssssssspbpbpbthh.

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