‘Winter White’ Stout by Steamworks Brewing Co


This is my 100th beer review! I’ve hit the century mark and my liver has never been fitter! Cheers to the next 100, and beyond. đŸ»


How to punish a liver in 4 months 101

I saw this release posted somewhere on social media and rushed to my local beer dispensary to ensure that I didn’t miss out. A clear, light colored stout? Fuck off. Really?.. HOW. I suspect this is a gimmick beer, like Crystal Pepsi.

“Gentlemen, I give you Crystal Pepsi. All the great taste of regular Pepsi but without the troublesome opacity.
Well, what if you’re drinking a regular Pepsi and somebody is coming at you with a knife, huh? You won’t be able to see him past your Pepsi. And then, who’s dead, huh? You! You! You’re dead! Stabbed! … Crystal Pepsi!” – Family Guy


"We should do that!" - Steamworks Brew master

The pour is a crystal clear light copper(…), with no head, just a fine haze. Very fine lacing. Looks good for a stout posing as a completely different beer type. It’s in disguise. Maybe.. It’s more than meets the eye.


'Didn't'. You don't know he couldn't.

The smells are used coffee grounds, wet hay and a little caramel. Simple and not great, honestly (when am I not).

The tastes are used coffee grounds, wet hay and a little caramel… Exactly by the nose with a slight hoppy flower fluff on the finish. It’s not bad, but it’s certainly lacking. It doesn’t really taste like stout should taste.

The mouthfeel is medium body and a little sticky. Carbonation is vigorous. Flavors travel from the front of your mouth, backwards like a stale, bitter carwash.

2.5/5 It’s unique, but not great. It’s like drinking stale, black coffee. At least I avoided a possible sneak attack.



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