‘Windrose’ Four Grain Porter by Steel & Oak Brewing Co


“Don’t forget to give my love to Rose” – The timeless, almighty, Mr Johnny Cash

Being a man of steel myself, I feel a deep connection with Steel & Oak. I also have been known to sport wood, but by court order I’m not supposed to brag about that. Especially not at feminist rallies. Or daycares.


On the real though, I love Steel & Oak brews, and I love heavy beers, so I’m really looking forward to this. Up up and erection!… Ah frig it Ricky!

The pour is nearly pure black with a good finger of light brown, fine foam. Beautiful retentive lacing. Looks deadly. An assassins beer.


The smells are chocolate, butter toffee, roasted nuts and a hint of vanilla. I smelled it as soon as I cracked the beer, it’s a powerful aroma. It’s got me all excited. Yea.. It is that easy.

The tastes are dark chocolate, medium roast coffee (I am a coffee snob, I KNOW my damn coffee flavors), roasted honey oat, butter toffee and a nice hearty wheat backbone. Has little to no hop bitterness. It’s actually pretty complex and deep for a porter, I like that. The malty flavors roll together beautifully.

The mouthfeel is a medium body and pure silk, the very definition of smooth. Very small amount of carbonation, just a tingle. The flavors hang around the back edges of the tongue, leaving a good coffee buzz. I can actually drink this pretty quickly, although I probably wouldn’t recommend this for sessions.

4/5 A damn fine porter! Steel & Oak can do no wrong, seemingly. I would drink these all night and be very happy about it.


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