Kolsch lagered ale by Steamworks Brewing


Back in the Steamworks steampunk pile again.

The can is wrapped in plastic, which begs the question: Is that actually more efficient or cheaper? Because it looks cheaper that way.

I wag my finger.
Do you wag your finger at me, Sir?
No, sir, I do not wag my finger at you sir; but I wag my finger, sir.


This one pours a clear golden color with a very thin bubbly head that disappeared pretty much immediately. It has a grass and citrus aroma with a touch of hoppy herbs. Very pleasant scent.

Tastes much like a light ale with a Pilsner bite to it, which is exactly what it claims to be. So it’s got that going for it. Tastes smooth, creamy and sweet with fresh grains and salty crackers with a pinch of German hop for the bitters. Actually a very nice, easy-drinking beer. It has a decent bite that is reminiscent of most summer type beers.

It has an aftertaste like a deadbeat dad, it doesn’t hang around very long. Like, the taste takes the car to go out for cigarettes and the gas station is just around the corner. It just leaves you forever.

3.5/5 Pretty good Pil/Ale, most Steamworks beers are a solid bet.

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