Westcoast Pale ale by Postmark Brewing


This is my first time trying a selection from this brewery. These new breweries seem to be multiplying exponentially, and I don’t mind one bit. I’ll be just fine with a brewery on every block, and everyone just stumbles around completely blotto all the time.

I’ll still look sober. It’s my superpower. It’s not as cool as extreme healing or telekinesis, but I’ll take it.

The label is simple and classy looking with the bonfire on the beach. They’re going for conjuring up feelings of relaxing fun-times and so forth I imagine. Smart move, you’ll go far here kid!


So this beer pours a nearly clear amber color with a tiny amount of off-white head that faded away immediately, leaving a tiny collar. It smells kind of grassy and is oddly reminiscent of fresh rain. Little bits of floral hop as well.

The taste is a bit sharp but not particularly bitter, if that makes sense. It tastes like fresh bread and grains backed with a hint of grassy and citrus hop. This beer has a very distinct flavor I probably could pick out of a line up, and I really like that weird, flowery je ne sais quoi.

It didn’t take long to go through the bottle, and that’s a pretty clear indication that this is a smooth beer. At 4.6% it’s a light beer, but it’s really tasty.

Did I finally find an awesome Pale ale?

Did we just become best friends?!


Just to be close to you girl
Just for a moment, well just for an hour
Just to be close to you girl
Oh well ah baby aw” – The Commodores

4/5 This is a really nice, crisp, easy-drinking, type of beer. I love beers like this; you just don’t want to stop drinking. Dangerous.

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