Hopilano IPA by Bridge Brewing


Bridge Brewing makes two of my favorite beers, the Black Rye IPA and the Wonderbar Kolsch(and a ‘meh’ stout and amber ale), so I have pretty high expectations for these guys.

“Hello Alan Rickman, it’s Alan Rickman, reminding you to move the pork chops from the freezer to the refrigerator so they defrost properly. Do not disappoint me.”

This IPA pours a nice looking copper color with a minimal foamy dull white head that never completely dies off and leaves a nice size collar. Not Don Cherry sized, that’s too much collar. Way too much collar.

It tastes like I got slapped in the face with a big lemony Christmas tree. It has a big, broad complexity to it, with many notes that dance in and out. Lots of lemon, pine, grapefruit, orange zest and a sourish resin that lingers on the tongue. The malt end is bready and toffee but I found that they were largely overshadowed by the hop tornado.

My brother found it so bitter, his face momentarily caved in. He had to wash the taste out with nasty Rum and nastier cola. Gross. He’s not a bitter beer guy.

It has a fairly smooth mouthful, with a good body that’s not too heavy (like me… LADIES). It’s not particularly well balanced. It’s like Keira Knightley (malt) trying to use a seesaw with Jonah Hill (hops). The hops are just too overbearing and Jonah is fat.

“Alan…it’s me again. Remember that turtle joke for the party. Heheheheheh.”

3.5/5 Not a bad IPA, but I’ve had far better. Their Black Rye IPA is a better choice.

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