Ambleside Amber Ale by Bridge Brewing


Ambleside Amber Ale by Bridge Brewing

I like Bridge Brewing a lot. They make a fantastic Kolsch and an amazing Dark IPA (and a ‘meh’ stout), so I am anticipating a good ale here. I NEED to find a really good ale, goddammit!

The name Ambleside is taken from the tourist attraction park in West Vancouver. Amber is a color and ale is a type of beer. ‘By’ is a preposition, and Bridge Brewing is a brewery. This concludes our intro to Lit 101 class for today.

It pours a clear deep golden brown with a slightly tan foamy head that dissipated in to a lingering haze and decent collar. Smells sweet and spicy. It’s fairly bitter, as an amber should be, with pine and sweet grass notes. It has a good wheat malt background but I found that as I get further through the beer, the hoppy pine is pretty much taking over.

It’s hard to recommend this to anyone that isn’t used to bitter beer, because this IS bitter beer but ISN’T as crazy as an ESB or IPA. It’s a fairly straightforward ale. I feel deja-beer when I take a slam; I’ve been here before.

Amble is just not a word I can identify with. It’s a brisk pace whenever I decide to perambulate, regardless of how silly it looks. It must be a PoCo thing, all my friends are speed walkers.

Or I’m just a dick. The latter sounds more likely.

3/5 A middling selection that left me wanting more, so I put on Les Claypool to fill the void with something interesting.

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