Pale Ale by Steamworks Brewing


Steamworks Brewing out of Gastown is a fairly prolific brewery that seems to have pretty deep market penetration around Vancouver and the lower mainland. Everywhere I go, this beer is there. From Anglican church pews to zoos, it’s omnipresent, and I don’t mind that at all because they make good beer for the most part.

I’ve tried a few Steamworks beers and they are mostly agreeable as far as my tastes go. I’m still on the hunt for an amazing ale, so I have to ask myself “Can this be the one? The Neo of ales?”

Do I feel lucky, PUNK?

Absolutely. I absolutely feel lucky, Clint. You need to settle down.

The labeling on Steamworks beers is quite neat, albeit chaotic and cluttered. The label is fired on the bottle, so I can’t anxiously peel the thing off like my twitchy brain oft commands me to do.

This beer pours a clear amber with a decent frothy head. It quickly diminished in to a light, lasting, tan haze that stayed on the surface of the brew. It has a nice, sweet, caramel scent to it.

This is a really mild tasting ale that sticks more to the mild malt and yeast end of the spectrum with just a hint of bitter in the midst. It’s a nice, rich caramel and grain flavor with a pinch of sweet grass and floral hops.

I can’t usually chug beer but this is very chugable, indeed. I could easily drink these all night and be quite happy about it.

Goes great with a ham and Swiss sandwich for some odd reason?

4/5 If consumed with ham and Swiss, loses 1 point without ham and Swiss. A delicious, sessionable brew.

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