EDNA sour by Four Winds Brewing


I heard about this through a social media post from Four Winds. This was a limited run of 750 bottles, of which 500 were available to the public on August 15th at a two bottle limit per person. Met up with my buddy Chris and talked beer while we waited to see if we would be able to get any. They sold out in 3.5 hours (wtf!) and I was one of the lucky few that managed to get some!

It poured a bright, clear yellow with a lasting, pure white, fizzy head. Smells pungent, like strong cider. The taste…. Holy shit. Sour is the name of the beer for a reason, it’s SOUR. Tastes like dry red wine crabapple cider with a touch of wood. Very light mouth feel that stabs you in the back of the jaw.

My friend Mike was repulsed: “GAH! Vinegar beer!”
Another friend Christie quite liked it: “It has a very light feel to it. It’s kind of like lemonade.”

“Edna… Crabapple… Figure they did that on purpose?” (HA!) – Chris

Around the halfway point I was getting accustomed to the power and able to actually sort out the flavors. I like that it’s so DIFFERENT but it’s not a beer I’ll be salivating at the prospect of revisiting. I’ll be salivating as a reaction to remembering the sourness. Kind of like thinking about eating Warheads. It feels much more like a cider than a beer.

What are you looking at?
She was a sour girl the day that she met me.” – STP

3.5/5 So sour. Wow. You can’t find it, so I can’t recommend it, but it was an experience. I now know that I don’t mind sours.

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